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Vision - Mission

Values and Mission

Six years ago Cargill entered on a new journey - to become, within the decade, the premier provider of solutions to our food and agricultural customers. We recognized that we would succeed in our business only by creating distinctive value for our customers.
We bring to this journey our traditional strengths of integrity and dependability. We also bring our accumulated expertise across many geographies, products and services.

Vision Statement

Cargill's corporate vision expresses the collective aspirations of the people who work here. It unifies us, directs our efforts and sets us apart from other companies.

Our purpose is to be the global leader in nourishing people.

We will harness our knowledge and energy to provide goods and services that are necessary for life, health and growth.

Our mission is to create distinctive value.

We will succeed in business only by creating value for our customers, our suppliers, employees, shareholders and neighbors. We will build stronger customer relations and create solutions:
  • Explore
  • Discover
  • Create
  • Deliver
Our approach is to be trustworthy, creative and enterprising.

We build customer relationships on integrity. We develop solutions that our customers need. We are forward thinking and action-oriented.

Our performance measures are engaged employees, satisfied customers, enriched communities and profitable growth.

Engaged employees focus on satisfying customers and are committed to livable, sustainable communities. With those accomplishments, we will enjoy the profitable growth necessary to sustain performance over time.

Shared Mindset - Leadership

People throughout Cargill share diverse skills, experiences and cultures. We respect and value this diversity considering that it provides enrichment and creativity. We are developing a shared mindset around the three pillars that support our mission of delivering distinctive value: high performance, innovation and customer focus.

High Performance
High performing people set aggressive, measurable goals. They seek collaboration. Make collaboration a standard way of behaving. By this increasingly collaborative environment, we all are serving the customer directly or serving those who do.

Innovative behaviour is a way of life. It reflects a drive for solutions. We are all participants of the innovation process.

Customer Focus
Customer Focus starts by asking and listening. All our organization is engaged in serving customers, identifying their needs, discovering new solutions, generating and sharing value.

Logo Cargill

The new Cargill logo and corporate identity system also reflect the aspirations of our company. These changes are powerful symbols of the more dynamic, approachable and energized company we are becoming.
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