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Cargill Malt, one of the world´s leading malt producers, has been present in Latin America as a high quality malt supplier since June 1998, when the Bahía Blanca Malt Plant (Argentina) became operational.

This Malt Plant, constructed in compliance with the highest standards and fully automated, is currently working at full capacity.

Most of our local malt production is exported, Brazil- where this raw material is in high demand for the brewing industry- being one of our main overseas markets. In the domestic market, Cargill Malt has met the needs of the Argentine market as the only independent malt producer that is not involved in the production of beer.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. For this reason, in addition to our product, we are able to offer freight, logistics and financial services through our local Shared Departments . Besides, technical assistance is provided to our customers by means of joint research and adaptation programs aimed at increasing the agronomic and malting efficiency of barley varieties of various origins before processing.

If you are interested in learning about our products, you can visit, where you will find a wide description of these products, as well as practical advice and information concerning different ways of contacting us.

Our strategic intent is to be supplier of solutions to the Brewing Industry
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