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Encouraged by Argentina's potential to supply the world food demand, and committed to improving Argentine agricultural productivity Cargill began its operations in 1947 with a seed research operation in the corn belt of the country.

More than six decades, that seed became one of the largest agribusiness complexes in Argentina, involving production and distribution of farm inputs, processing and merchandising of raw materials and food ingredients, and providing related services.

Cargill in Argentina is an export-oriented company, with 90% of its annual turnover generated by exports of food and food ingredients: grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, protein meals, beef, malt and flour.

Cargill has become a leading factor of change in the agriculture and agribusiness industry in Argentina and has contributed to the expansion of the opportunities for Argentine ag-based exports.

This has been achieved through a permanent reinvestment of earnings in new facilities, technologies and activities, within a business culture that emphasizes quality for its products and services, a safe environment, good business practices, responsibility and efficiency.

Since 1947, Cargill has been committed to improving and expanding the potential of Argentine agriculture and its related industries.
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