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Community Actions

Cargill's cultural values go beyond its business activities. Since several decades ago, one of the pillars of our culture is to promote the improvement of the standard of living in the communities where we are located, consistent with our Vision.

Based on that view, Cargill SACI's corporate community activities formally started in 1971 when The Cargill Foundation was created in Argentina. Since then The Cargill Foundation has been the almost exclusive vehicle for channeling Cargill SACI community activities.

Since its creation, The Cargill Foundation activities have been restrained by its by-laws to the rural area where Cargill operates and have been focused particularly on education, although support to improving public health conditions and NGOs' activities have also been within its scope but with a more limited role.

For almost two decades, The Cargill Foundation activities involved:
  • Donation of materials for construction / restoration of classrooms
  • Donation of equipment /materials for improving educational conditions (PCs, books, stationery) - from kindergartens to High Schools
  • Fellowships to High School and University students (Agronomics /veterinarians) in order to support for completion of studies (concluded in 2000)
  • Support to scientific research in micotoxin in grains (1987-1992)
  • Donation of equipments and medicines for poor rural hospitals
Since 2002, The Cargill Foundation while keeping its donations´ program, launched a program aimed at Promoting Reading at Schools, which is currently in place and has reached up to now thousands of students and more than 42 schools, 37 of which have participated in this program for three consecutive years.

As from year 2007, and aiming at satisfying the specific requirements of the various schools, the program will be carried out in the form of a contest.

As a consequence of the severe social and economic crisis of 2001/02, Cargill SACI decided to expand its community actions, complementing the task carried out by The Cargill Foundation, putting special emphasis on the participation of the various Unit Business of the company.

The main differences with respect to previous programs is the possibility to count with larger amounts per project, longer duration (over a year) and stronger employees and community involvement. Also, a certain counterpart effort is requested to the beneficiaries (e.g. if Cargill donates materials for a new classroom, the workforce should be in charge of the parents of the students, the city or another private entity).

In all cases Cargill SACI employees are strongly encouraged to be involved in the identification of the needs, its report and the implementation of the decisions adopted.

During 2006, approximately 250 employees (in many cases accompanied by family members and/or Company vendors) provided their help and support to the development of projects that benefitted over 550 institutions.

All community actions (concentrated under the scope of The Cargill Foundation since June 2005) are coordinated and managed by Cargill SACI Corporate Affairs Dept., thus ensuring consistency, lack of overlapping among beneficiaries and an efficient use of resources, both human and capital.

The following chart describes the programs currently in place:

  Improvement of Schools' Infrastructure Donation of materials for construction / restoration of classrooms, bathrooms, power networks, heat networks, painting, etc.
  Support to Education Donation of PCs, stationery, books and materials for educational and sport activities.
  Promoting Culture Promoting Reading at schools
    Donation of books to schools and public libraries
    Co-sponsoring of contest on Arg. rural history for students ("Rincón Gaucho")
  Students' Training Design and construction by students of technical schools of furniture for other schools.
    Development of "U.N. General Assembly" model with a local NGO.
  Education in Values and Behaviors Courses for teachers and students on certain values and behaviors with a local NGO (Responsibility; Accountability; Compromise; Decision-Making; Learning to Think)
  Promoting Entrepreneurship Development and operation of small businesses at school with Junior Achievement Argentina
  Promoting Efforts Support to academic and sporting competitions
  New Experiences Visits of handicapped students to interesting sites (Zoo, Planetarium, Cargill sites)

  Improvement of Hospitals: equipment and Infrastructure Donation of materials and equipment for rural hospitals and ambulances
  Health and Personal Care Programs for students on personal Health and first aids. Donation of first-aid equipments and tooth-sets for schools and students.

  Support to local Fire Station Donation of equipment to local fire stations & funding of training for firemen.
  Expanding opportunities Support to institutions for handicapped kids located in rural towns to integrate their members through working activities (bakeries, textiles; small businesses)
  Support to local NGOS Donation of materials /equipment for orphanages & houses for elder people.

  Self-Sustainable Rural Towns Financial support to a local NGO aimed at promoting a sustainable recovery of rural towns that are suffering of people's exit and lack of economic activities.
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